First of Its Kind Platform for AR/VR/MR Content, Using by 265 Builders and Developers, 2050 Real Estate Agents, 964 Interior Designers and 21 Corporate Houses. Appriciated in 10+ Countries.

Hi'Ds build content by experts, deliver on time, provide client service pro-actively, do customer/client engagment periodically. Our awarded platform do all these activities flawlessly.

Content creation (2D,3D,AR/VR/MR) as per client/market's requirment by Hi'Ds design experts.

Hi'Ds highly experienced and talented content creation team works two layered i.e. content design & script writing. Content design team creates emerging and valueable contents where as script writing team write scripts for better understanding. All our contents are own copyright build.


Designed content and written script integrated by experts to Hi'Ds platform.

Hi'Ds integration process makes the content interactive.


Personalised AR/VR/MR contents delivered to your sales, marketing & operation teams.

A brand new way of visualization inform of AR/VR/MR is ready to arm your sales and marketing team and delivered through our web platform, android platform and offline.


Hi'Ds Platform is a "Trainer Less Training" tool.

Hi'Ds Platform is best for training purposes to new or existing employees. Our expert's curated and tailored training models helps the organization to train new hirings and enhencing skills of exisitng employees. Hi'Ds can also develop training models as per clint's requirment.

The Reality Platform that will Change the Way You Do Business & Training