AR/VR Implementation in Internship

Availing the Internship and Training from Reputed Corporate Houses is Now Easier.

Corporate houses from all over the world are waiting to give internships, it's just matter of enrolment. Hi'Ds internship platform is bringing and nurturing interns to flourish.

AR/VR Implementation in Internship

Key Benefits

Companies Across the World

Hi'Ds tie-uped with companies across the world to provide intership programs and certifications. Hence, everyone has an opportunity to get the best from the best.

Avail internship from 500+ corporate houses in 12 different industries.

Internship Program With Your Convenience

Internship through Hi'Ds AR VR platform is not place or premise bounded. Anyone can take the program from anywhere.

Internet, smartphone and a VR headset is enough to avail this facility.

Unlimited Access to World Class Content

Get access to industry's best AR VR content bank. Hi'Ds content expert's focus to provide industry focused internships for everyone. Hi'Ds believes "an Arts graduate can contribute a lot in fashion design".

Hi'Ds allows interns to access the platform 24X7 with industry's best customer support. The training modules are easy to understand with a self driven strucuture. Which enables every individual to go through the deep learning without anyone's help.

Programmes Accredited by Corporate Houses

Hi'Ds is dedicated to maintaining academic quality through accreditation. The accreditation standards are based on quality and the continuous improvement process.

Hi'Ds developed intership programes by colaborating with corporate house's concerned department. Hence the programme is certified and best to industry.

Interactions with World Wide Great Minds

Internship is all about learn new things in a constructive way with real time problem solving skills. Hi'Ds allows interns across the world in mission of brain gain.

Hi'Ds unique interactive platform allows everyone to share and gain knowledge.

Affordable Pricing

Hi'Ds internship programs are very affordable. By availing this benefit everyone can save travelling, boarding and lodging cost.

Hi'Ds provides EMI option also.

Benefits for the Students, Educational Institutions, Companies and Employees

Benefits for the Students, Educational Institutions, Companies and Employees


ITI, Diploma & Engineering Students

Students of any semester are qualified to take internships from Hi'Ds. This program is a gateway to the practical work experience.

Science, Commerce & Arts Graduates

Lot of internship programs are designed for any type of graduates. Now non technical graduates are having equal opprtunities in the race of employability.

Job Seekers

No work experience, don't worry. Hi'Ds market approach internship programs will make you ready to hit floor. A lot of companies talent acquisition team is preferring us.

Educational Institutions

Placement Department

Placement department of any educational institution's can use Hi'Ds internship program to make their students hireable. Hi'Ds rich content for all industries is an weapon for students to win in the race of employability.

Branding & Promotion Department

Every guardian and student is worried about the placement after studies. Now educational institutions can use Hi'Ds platform to make everyone hireable.

Management Team

Now by Hi'Ds, internship programes can be done from college itself. Hence institutions also guide their students which program is suit for whom.


Talent Acquisition Professionals

Company's talent acquisition or HR department will get quality and knowledgeable employees from Hi'Ds internship platfom.

Branding & Marketing Professionals

Companies can use Hi'Ds platform to showcase their product and services.

R & D Department

Hi'Ds AR VR platform enables research and development department to get and engage industry's talents.


Working Professionals

Hi'Ds internship programs are not only for freshers, anyone who wants to enhence or develop the skill are most welcome.


Add certifications to the profile, let clients know about your expertise. Hi'Ds allows freelancers to take internship programs to put extra marks in the profile.


Hi'Ds internship platform allows consultants to interact with industry fit certified persons. It is helping consultants to full fill its clients requirments.


Internship Programes of All Industries with Less Price

Hi'Ds internships covered all departments across all industries. Students from any stream of any age having equal opportunity to learn and excel.

Access by Smartphone and VR Headset

Hi'Ds AR VR internship platform is easy to access anywhere from any of the above device. AR contents can be access through smartphone. VR contents required a VR headset.

Our platform is well designed by taking consideration of business needs. We have also taken care of content access flow. Which is helping every individual to access his/her content in just few clicks.

Trainer Less Training

Hi'Ds internship modules are easy to understand with a self driven strucuture. Which enables every individual to go through the deep learning without anyone's help.

Adopt new way of learning skills by implementing trainer less training program. Hi'Ds connects academic to industries through immersive visualistion technology with better experiene of learning.

True Skill Development Tool

Hi'Ds AR VR intership programs offers immersive learning experiences. With the help of this program every individual is getting a chance to understand the human capabilities.

Hi'Ds wide range of industry standard training modules allows each employee and student to upgrade and enhance skill periodically.

Realtime Problem Solving Approach

Hi'Ds maintain the quality and accuracy of training & learning modules. Which makes us a true leader during day to day operational issues.

Developing virtual industrial assets to analyze and solve complex problems in real time by implementing Hi'Ds trainer less training program.

Dedicated Account Manager

Though Hi'Ds believes in ZERO error, still we provide an account manager for smooth operation.

The account manager is the first and immediate contact 24X7. All kinds of issues can be resolved in same day.

Additional Features

Content on Demand

We are having 5000+ contents/modules, which are just few clicks away. Hi'Ds covered almost all industries and departments in its platform.

A student or an employee, an educational institute or a corporate house, a manufacturing company or a service industry, Hi'Ds pricing is very competitive and affordable for everyone.

Individual Skill Tracking Facility

Hi'Ds unique dashboard summarize and displays all navigations and learnings. This skill tracking facility is helping institutions and individuals to know about the potential growth.

Corporates can utilize this facility during hiring, salary appraisal and promotions.

Periodic Assessment Facility

With training and learning modules, Hi'Ds believes in periodic assessment of skill set. Our industry approach assessment mechanism, helps the learner to upgrade or update the skill or knowlegde.

This assessment facility helps individuals and corporates to track the employees skill growth.