AR VR Lab Setup

Experience the New Era Learning Method by Setting Up the Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab. AR/VR Lab is a Dedicated Space for the Exploration of Cutting-Edge Immersive Technologies — Physically and Imaginatively

Open up the door way for you to visualise the latest technology for the most immersive experience

AR VR Lab Setup

Key Benefits

Visualization and Experiential Learning in Educational Institutions

Virtual reality allows 2D objects to life and makes visualization a reality. Facilitates learning through gamification and interactivity.

Keeps everyone engaged even while learning difficult topics. Enhances creative thinking. Can be used for practical training.

Advanced Healthcare and Well-Being Tool

AR VR is becoming more accessible and affordable for medical education, imaging, dentistry, nurse training and rehabilitation.

AR VR in healthcare uses to improve patient experience, psychological relief and treatment, data visualization, body mapping, advanced diagnostics, VR surgery run-throughs, AR surgery assistance, medical education and emergency navigation.

Production-Driven Businesses and Automotive Industry

Implementing AR VR lab in automotive industry allows every department to act smartly, efficiently and effortlessly.

AR VR lab service's benefits are unmatchable. Benefits are driver experience enhancement, replace long and complex manuals, automate the training process, warehousing is more simpler.

Benefits for the Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Operations, R&D and Training Team

Benefits for the Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Operations, R&D and Training Team

Educational Institutions

Interactive Learning Activities

Interact with the object through Hi'Ds AR VR MR lab

VR Based Practicals

Experimental learning through Virtual Reality

1000+ Learning Concept

Hundreds of detailed and fully dissectible models for automotive, biological sciences, zoology, earth science, anatomy and more. Learning sessions can be saved and replayed. Model labels can be presented in many different languages.

Manufacturing Industry

Interactive Machinary Operation

Operate and troubleshoot the machinaries by Hi'Ds AR VR tool at AR VR MR lab

Maintenance Work

Imagine one being able to see the status of the machine in front of them just with the help of VR device. With real-time super-imposed digital information, users can go through step-by-step information to repair the machine.

Assembly & Quality control

Speed is the foundation of time. There are hundred thousands of small parts and tools, when put together to build the final product. From smart phones to rockets has a set of assembly instructions.

Service Industries

Better Product Understanding

Integration of Hi'Ds AR/VR tool with your company can help you to provide users with additional information about the product with an immersive visualisation.

Time-to-Market in an Immersive Way

Hi'Ds AR/VR brings increased precision to every aspect of the industrial manufacturing process, ensuring not only fast time-to-market, but also better quality of manufactured goods.

Industrial Traning Instituions

Augemnted & Virtual Reality Training

Hi'Ds AR & VR opens up a lot of doors when it comes to training individuals to operate the machinery and conduct processes.

AR on the Assembly Line

Hi'Ds emerging AR applications give new life to delivering real-time instructions to workers on the front line and can provide the opportunity for guidance on all tasks and overlay images to make assembly more accurate.


Package Based Setup Cost

Get resources that fulfills your utmost priority with a reasonable pricing.

HI'Ds offers relevent packages for opting the AR VR MR contents, head-sets and other accessories.

Free Trail to Access Industry Based Content

Get additional trial access to experience the immersive visualisation using Hi'Ds AR VR MR tool at your premises.

Go ahead and Hi'Ds Industry based AR VR MR contents through our platform to explore the new age learning and training method.

Post Lab Setup Service

Hi'Ds 24*7 hassel free support and services,enables our exsting customers experience and enjoy our content without much interuptions.

Hi'Ds offers a routine hardware and system check up service for their clients to maintain our existing customers satisfaction.

Additional Features

Trainer LessTraining

Solve real time problems and upgrading the traditional training method by integrating AR VR to make it a trainer less training program.

Make your training much effort less, even trainer less by setting up AR VR lab at your permises.

Process Optimization

Use AR VR lab to make the teaching, training and trainer-trainee engagement process easier.

Save your learning and traning time by using VR and AR.

Access to the Kingdom of AR VR Content

Industry and education based interactive and experimental AR and VR contents.

Get subscribed to Hi'Ds AR VR packages for access the platform to get industry and education ready contents.